Fittest Of The Fit, Health and Morale in the Royal Navy, 1939-1945

The author and publisher are to be commended for providing a study of the much neglected subject of sailors’ fitness. The Royal Navy has long recognized the importance of its sailors maintaining the highest levels of health and morale even if historians have generally neglected this critical area of the ability to wage war – Very Highly Recommended

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Cold War 1945-1991, Prague Spring 1968, Warsaw Pact Invasion

The Cold War series that this new book joins is building into a fine and unique series exposing the history of the Cold War conflict. The importance of the Prague Spring may have ended in failure for the Czech people, but its importance in the eventual fall of the Soviet Union cannot be underestimated – Very Highly Recommended

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Your Towns & Cities In World War Two, Newcastle At War 1939-45

This new addition to a highly popular series pulls no punches. The local authority practises in the North East have long included corruption, reaching an extreme in the 1960s, but also an important factor during WWII – Very Highly Recommended

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Leningrad Under Siege, First-Hand Accounts Of The Ordeal

Primary source material from those who were there. The siege of Leningrad was a long and bloody contest between two ideologies that did not worry deeply about high casualty rates – Very Highly Recommended

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MI5 British Security Service Operations 1909-1945, The True Story Of The Most Secret Counter-Espionage Organisation In The Word

Some have suggested that the author is the unofficial historian for the British intelligence services, a murky world where nothing is as it seems. This is the most comprehensive and insightful history of British Counter-intelligence from 1909 to 1945 – Most Highly Recommended

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The Wars of Alexander’s Successors, 323-281 BC, Volume I: Commanders & Campaigns

The first of two volumes resulting from over a decade of collaborative research work. This provides an absorbing narrative of the wars that were fought by Alexander’s successors from the time of his death to the Battle of Corupedium – Highly Recommended

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Battling Napoleon in Iberia 1808-1814, Wellington’s History of the Peninsular War

Based on four lengthy memoranda by Wellington, summarizing the conduct of the War, 1808, 1809,1810, and 1811. This is the closest Wellington came to writing his memoires of the Peninsular War – Highly Recommended Continue reading

Britain’s Desert War In Egypt & Libya 1940-1942, ‘The End Of The Beginning’

A well-written review of the Desert War by a military educationalist, first published in 1964. This book provides the best available concise account of the Desert War, 1940-1942, and the publisher is to be commended for republishing now – Most Highly Recommended

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Images of War, United States Airborne Divisions 1942-2018, Rare Photographs From Wartime Archives

A worthy addition to a very popular military history series. This book covers the history of US Airborne Divisions up to and including 2018 with the usual concise introductory text, captions and extended captions supporting a great selection of rare images – Very Highly Recommended Continue reading

Napoleon’s Imperial Guard, Uniforms and Equipment, The Infantry

All countries maintain elite troops of some form and the Imperial Guard formed Napoleon’s elite troops, directly winning many battles and, at Waterloo, marking his defeat when they were forced back by the British. This book is packed with information and insight. It includes many illustrations and of these many are in full colour – Most Highly Recommended Continue reading