Battleground Dunkirk, Battle for the Escaut 1940, The France and Flanders Campaign

A valuable addition to the popular Battleground series that 
provides a lavishly illustrated guide to a European battleground. 
This new guide covers the France and Flanders Campaign of 1940. 
The primary target readership will again be those intending to 
visit the battleground, but the range of information is also very 
applicable to any reader with an interest in WWII and the Battle 
of France. Much Recommended.

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Tank Craft, Sherman Tanks, British Army and Royal Marines, Normandy Campaign 1944

This addition to the very popular Pen & Sword Craft 
series is up to a very high established standard. The 
excellent illustrations and examples of completed kits 
will appeal strongly to modellers of all ages, but there 
is also very good concise text that provides a clear 
overview of the Sherman tank in British service during 
the Normandy Campaign. This will appeal to anyone with 
an interest in armoured warfare and the period covered. 
Much Recommended.

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From Journey’s End to The Dam Busters, The Life of R C Sherriff Playwright of the Trenches


A comprehensive account of the life of R C Sherriff, junior officer 
and famous writer. One of the WWI survivors who made a lucrative 
career as a novelist, playwright and screenwriter. His movie work is 
still very well known but not the man. This book provides a full 
picture – great read.

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American Airline’s Secret War in China, Project Seven Alpha WWII.


This novel is based on true experiences and fits into a growing number 
of books and films where it might be accurate to regard them as 
dramatised histories. Its a great read and it covers one of the least 
known major efforts of WWII, the air bridge to supply China. Easy to 
see why the book received the Gold Medal Award of the Military Writers 
Society of America.

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The Decoys, A Tale of Three Atlantic Convoys 1942


With all the thousands of books published since 1945 about WWII, it 
seems impossible that any incident has escaped close attention from 
every possible angle. Here is a book to prove that there is much still 
to emerge. The author has made a first rate job of researching his 
subject and presenting a convincing account with credible conclusions. 
It is a contentious set of topics and an enthralling story. Strongly 

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Flight Craft, English Electric Lighting


The publisher's Flight Craft series is rapidly becoming the standard 
reference series for serious modellers and model engineers. This new 
book covers the remarkable English Electric Lightning in all of the 
detail this series is famous for. There are the usual high quality 
full colour drawings, together with outstanding photographs, many 
also in full colour. Highly recommended for modellers, but also an 
excellent book for anyone with an interest in aviation.

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History of British European Airways, 1946-1972

Lavishly illustrated with rare photographs, including full colour, 
this book charts the history of British civil aviation from the end 
of WWII until the merger of BEA and BOAC to form British Airways. 
Considering the number of civil aircraft flying since 1945, it is 
surprising that more books have not been published on their service. 
The author provides a very welcome and well-researched account of BEA, 
and its aircraft, which is a pleasure to read.

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