Accidental Agent, Behind Enemy Lines With The French Resistance


First published in 1971 by Leo Cooper, this is a most welcome 
new edition of an extraordinary story. It tells the wartime 
story of a racing training who volunteered to fight in WWII. 
A thrilling tale that has all the suspense and excitement of 
a novel. Very Highly Recommended.

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Tank Craft, Tiger I and Tiger II Tanks, Germany Army and Waffen-SS Eastern Front 1944


The publishers have a deserved reputation within the model 
making community for the high quality of their Craft series. 
Tank Craft books are very well produced and presented and this 
new book is well up to that standard. It will also appeal to 
those who are interested in armoured vehicles and WWII. Much 

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Images of War, German Assault Guns and Tank Destroyers 1940-1945, Rare Photographs from Wartime Archives


Part of the famous 'Images of War' series this new book 
provides a great range of images, many of which have not 
been available for public viewing before. However, there 
is also some well-written text, in addition to the 
captions and extended captions, providing a great deal 
of information. Strongly Recommended.

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Hitler’s Storm troopers, The SA, The Nazis’ Brown shirts, 1922-1945

In Germany, after 1918, armed units were operated by political 
Parties and political groups as a standard element of their 
structure. This book provides an insight into the Sturmabteilung 
der NSDAP. It is carefully researched and illustrated by sketches 
and drawings. Essential reading for anyone wishing to understand 
the political scene in Germany between the World Wars, and the 
rise of the Nazi Party, Recommended.

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Douglas Reeman, Master maritime story teller is ill and needs help






It is with deep regret that we hear of the plight of master story teller Douglas Reeman (also writing as Alexander Kent) who has given so much pleasure to so man readers down the years. It is a reminder that even best selling authors can need help. Please go to and those with facebook accounts can help without even donating money. Please read the continuation.

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Nothing is Impossible, a Glider Pilot’s story of Sicily, Arnheim and the Rhine Crossing


Sad that the author is no longer with us, but great that the publisher has produced a new posthumous edition with additional material provided by his sons and family. Pioneered by the Germans, vertical insertion by glider and parachute was to revolutionize land warfare. This personal account by a British glider pilot of the large scale airborne assaults by British troops is fascinating and very valuable – Most Recommended.

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Postcards of the Army Service Corps, 1902-1918 Coming of Age


This book is a visual celebration of the achievements of the Army Service Corps in turning around the logistics disaster of the Crimean War into a modern supply system that, from 1902, provided a dependable supply system for the British Army. A fascinating story that is recommended.

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The Night Hunter’s Prey, The Lives and Deaths of an RAF Gunner and a Luftwaffe Pilot


From the greatest air battle of all time, the author has drawn the personal stories of two combatants, an RAF air gunner and a Luftwaffe night fighter pilot. This is a history that holds the readers attention like a novel. In this snapshot, the whole of the bombing campaign against Germany is laid out in graphic detail, very highly recommended.

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SOE in France 1941-1945


A full account of SOE operations is unlikely ever to be written because some events were never documented and documents were lost or destroyed at the end of the war. This book is likely to be the best and most comprehensive account possible, being based on the previously unpublished report by a staff officer and former SOE member at the end of the war. Highly Recommended.

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London Bombed, Blitzed and Blown UP, The British Capital Under Attack Since 1867


When most people talk about London being bombed, they are talking about the German terror attacks of WWII, but London has a unique history of being bombed from 1867. The author has produced a very readable account of this long history of bomb attacks on Londoners. It is a truly comprehensive account that considers the impact on one of the world’s greatest cities, much recommended.

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