Seaforth World Naval Review 2016


This respected annual naval review is part of a dwindling number of similar books. A great pity the choice is reducing but great that this high quality publication continues. A must for anyone with an interest in naval affairs and the state of the world, strongly recommended.

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French Destroyers. Torpilleurs d’Escadre & Contre-Torpilleurs 1922-1956


French warship design and construction has always been of a high standard and the French Navy has long provided a global blue-water naval force equal to the best. It is therefore surprising that remarkably few English-language publications have offered an effective history of key French warship types. This new book provides a thoroughly researched history of French destroyers between 1922 and 1956, beautifully produced with a wealth of images and tables – Highly Recommended.

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Ships for All Nations, John Brown & Company Clydebank 1847-1971


The author is from a shipbuilding family and has written a number of fine books on ships and shipbuilding on the Clyde. This new book is lavishly illustrated in large format and have been carefully produced by the publisher. This is a very important story that has been told well, highly recommended.

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Luftwaffe Fighter Force, The View from the Cockpit, Adolf Galland, Hubertus Hitschold et al


This is a collection of interrogations of senior Luftwaffe officers at the end of WWII. The content has been gently edited and the result is a readable account of the Luftwaffe from its formation to until the end of the Second World War. An invaluable source of first hand accounts.

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