Naval Weapons of World War One, Guns, Torpedoes, Mines and ASW Weapons of All Nations, An Illustrated History


For a large format book with a large number of first rate images in illustration, this book is priced very competitively. It has to be the master work on the subject, well-written and packed with information on weapons from a period when revolutionary new weapons were entering service to deal with revolutionary threats. Very Highly Recommended.

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British Battlecruisers 1905-1920


The author is still the foremost authority on battleships from Dreadnought and, although now retired, he continues to research the subject. This new edition of the definitive book on battlecruisers has been updated with the latest findings from his research. A outstanding review of the subject.

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Maps of War, Mapping Conflict through the Centuries


This is an excellent study of the development of military illustration and mapping. Military enthusiasts and historians will find the content of great interest and value. Lavishly illustrated and beautifully produced, the work will also appeal to a wider readership, encapsulating the many changes from the introduction of gunpowder. Strongly Recommended.

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Fighting the Bombers, The Luftwaffe’s Struggle Against The Allied Bombing Offensive


This book was originally published by Greenhill in 2003 and frontline are to be commended for republishing this collection of comments from leading German fighter pilots during interrogation after the end of the war in Europe. Highly Recommended.

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Navies in the 21st Century


This new book follows the successful approach and format of the very popular naval annual Seaforth’s World Naval Review. Under the same editor, a new team of specialists have been assembled to write authoritative articles in their particular fields of expertise.The absorbing text is fully supported by many outstanding images – Most Recommended.

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The Lost Story of the William & Mary, The Cowardice of Captain Stinson


The author has rediscovered the story of a shipwreck and the betrayal of passengers by a cowardly captain. The story is told clearly, bringing to life the events. There is also a modest plate section with a valuable collection of photographs, drawings and map. Most Recommended.

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Flight Craft, Avro Shackleton


The Avro Shackleton, also known in the RAF as ‘40,000 rivets flying in close formation’ was very much a product of WWII that just took a long time to arrive. The authors have managed to do full justice to both the history of this important aircraft and to the scale model kits that have been produced to immortalise it. Recommended to all enthusiasts of aviation matters and to all model makers.

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