Target Corinth Canal 1940-1944


Events in the Eastern Mediterranean have received less than their fair share of coverage because the events in North Africa were so important and attracted most attention. In many respects, the activities in Greece, the Aegean and Balkans more interesting because of their complex and covert nature and because they were to create the conditions that limited Soviet expansion after 1945. This book deals with the actions in and around the Corinth Canal that was a strategic link to the Aegean. Well-researched and nicely written, a book not to be missed.

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Despatches From The Front, Operations in North Africa and the Middle East 1942-1944, El Alamein, Tunisia, Algeria and Operation Torch.


This new title in the ‘Despatches From The Front’ Series is fully up to the high standard already set by earlier books in the series. Maps and a photo-plate section enhance the text which has been compiled by the co-authors from despatches sent back to explain target achievement, challenges and future objectives. This is a must for all historians and serious enthusiasts working in this area of the Second World War, but it is offered at an affordable price within the means of many more readers, who should not be deterred by the primary source nature of the content because it is very readable.Highly recommended.

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Napoleon 1814, The Defence of France


The author has made great use of eyewitness accounts and original source material. He provides a commentary on a set of events that receive far less coverage in English-language publications. Perhaps it is natural for English interest in the wars with the French and Napoleon to concentrate on those aspects with a strong British involvement. The Royal Navy was the principle British military asset that was consistently successful and beyond Napoleon’s capability to counter. On land, the fight was primarily confined to Iberia and the successes of Wellington. Then there was the final victory at Waterloo which was again a fight where Wellington demonstrated his abilities. What happened elsewhere is often overlooked by English-speakers. This book provides an account of the fighting withdrawal from the error of invasion of Russia and the final attempts to defend the homeland of France.Strongly recommended.

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