Nelson’s Victory, 250 Years of War and Peace


This is a beautifully produced book with some excellent illustration, much in full colour, from an author who is a leading specialist in his field, with a wealth of published titles on this part of naval history. It is fully up to the standard established by this author and this publisher. Highly recommended.

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Images of War, The Few, Fight for the Skies, rare photographs from wartime archives


Part of a well-established series of heavily illustrated books that depend on the rare photographs that have been reproduced in their pages. The author has covered The Few but also provided illustration and information on German pilots, tactics and the Blitz as well as the Battle of Britain. Recommended.

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Luftwaffe X-Planes, German Experimental Aircraft of World War II


The author is an acknowledged expert on German experimental aircraft of WWII and has provided a lavishly illustrated book with concise text and extended photo captions. This is a subject that has fascinated so many people, many of whom have little general interest in military aviation history. This a book that many readers will enjoy, but it is essential reading for anyone with specific interest in military aviation and advanced engineering. Strongly recommended.


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The Lusitania Saga & Myth, 100 Years on


It is difficult to think of a single sinking of a merchant ship in wartime that could have had such wide-reaching consequences. Inevitably, the sinking of the Lusitania has produced a wealth of conspiracy theory and a mountain of myth. A 100 years on is a good point to take a fresh look at the sinking, the known facts, the myths that should debunked, and the political map of the time. The author has superbly researched his subject and presented a well-argued review of the sinking and the political aftermath. Highly Recommended.

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IMPORTANT – FIRE Project forthcoming changes


During the coming weeks a number of changes will be made to the FIRE Project portals that are open to public access. These changes will include some changes to portal addresses and some changes to editorial addresses. We would appreciate it if our readers would make a note or bookmark of This portal will list any new addresses and any deleted addresses. For those of you who send us your news and information, please make a note of our main editorial address which is This email address will always be available. Email address changes will also appear at Some portals may suddenly vanish and reappear in a new form but, during these outages, information will be copied to sister portals

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The Deck of Cards







A great deck of cards is available via on-line ordering.

Thanks to @52jokersltd for their initiative in bringing this great product to market. They also provide a free vehicle number plate tab with purchases by UK customers.

Must be the first pack of cards to include 52 jokers.

Suitable for pro-EUSSR and anti-EUSSR supporters.

The pro-EUSSR supporters can genuflect every time they touch a card. They could even string them together as a rosary.

The anti-EUSSR supporters can reflect on the dishonesty and fraud of the EUSSR project.

The undecided can enjoy learning about the levels of fraud and anti-democracy perpetrated by the EUSSR.