British and Commonwealth Warship Camouflage of WWII


The publisher, under the Seaforth imprint, has a tradition of publishing special interest maritime books. This new book forms part of that tradition and delivers a very interesting review of warship camouflage. The production quality and drawing are of a very high standard and for the class of book, the price is very competitive. Pen & Sword also run many price promotions through the year for direct on-line purchasing and this may produce a real bargin. However, most historians , collectors, modelmakers and wargamers are prepared to pay a higher price for a book of this quality.

This is a delightful book, providing drawing and text for a cross section of British and Commonwealth warships that served during WWII. This reviewer has been reviewing books for many decades and cannot think of a similar book for the classes of warship covered. Highly recommended.

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F-15 Eagle, 1972 onwards (all marks), Owner’s Workshop Manual


This new addition to the publisher’s fine range of aviation titles has received the Haynes Workshop Manual treatment. A lavishly illustrated work, this book features full colour throughout and some excellent sketches and drawings. This is one of the Owners’ Workshop Manuals that is slightly tongue in cheek because the F-15 is still in service and it could be some time before any examples come into private hands.

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White Thirst


This is a novel based on a real story. It is set in 1979 Romania when the Soviet Union was still in existence and throttling Eastern Europe. The author has penned an exciting story that has all of the twists and turns a novel needs, holding the reader’s attention to the final page. It is a high speed, high tension, suspense story.

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The Mark of Man


This is the author’s first novel, created from three short stories that have been fused into a single story. It is nicely written and holds the readers attention to the end. It is difficult to categorize the tale, but for most readers that will be unimportant because it contains all of the elements that should form part of a novel and presents them in a logical order that carries the story line through to the last page. As such, it is good entertainment value and a worthwhile read.

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Images of War, Belsen and its Liberation, Rare Photographs from Wartime Archives


This book provides a shocking insight into the brutal regime that the Belsen camp was a part of. The story is told with a great many rare and previously unpublished images. This is a terrible story that should be told and told again as graphically as possible, that it may not happen again.

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Despatches from the Front, The BEF in France 1939-1940, Manning the Front through to the Dunkirk Evacuation


The Pen & Sword series of primary source material is valuable to enthusiasts and historians alike. Despatches disclose the thinking of senior commanders and politicians in a way that memoirs and historians may fail to capture authentically. They may interpret situations inaccurately. There is no substitute for primary sources and this book contains a good selection of despatches to provide a level of part processed research, without destroying the primary source value.

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Fight For The Air, Aviation Adventures From The Second World War


General compilation books rarely work well, but this is a happy exception. The author has told the story of the air war across the globe from start to end. There are many excellent images through the body of the book in illustration of the text. In telling the story, through what are effectively a series of anecdotes, the concept works very well and this is a good starting point for someone wanting to develop a knowledge of military aviation during WWII. However, enthusiasts will also find many rare nuggets of information that they will not have come across before. The text is lively and conveys not just the facts and the feelings but also the tensions, excitement and controlled fear.

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Surviving the Nazi Onslaught, The Defence of Calais to the Death March to Freedom


The relief of the Dunkirk evacuation meant that insufficient thought was given to the gallant Anglo-French rearguard and the stragglers who ended up as POWs. Remarkably little has been written about them and what has appeared is most frequently brief mention as part of a study of POWs or later actions. The author has produced a fine story of Ted Taylor, the Rifle Brigade, who went to France as part of the BEF and retreated back to the Channel Coast. The group he became part of put up a spirited defence for four days at Calais, until their ammunition was exhausted and they were forced to surrender. The very readable text is supported through the body of the book by photographs and illustrations, most rare and previously unpublished. This is a story that demanded to be told and deserves to be read.

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The Millionaires’ Squadron, The Remarkable Story of 601 Squadron and the Flying Sword


This is not just a very welcome second edition of a book published in 1964, but a major revision to accommodate newly uncovered documents and photographs. The story of 601 (Royal Auxiliary Air Force) is interesting , entertaining, and at times humorous. In many respects, it was a club of wealthy gentlemen who became seasoned air warriors and included the RAF architect of the Great Escape. Disbanded in 1957, 601 has a relatively short but glorious history and spanned the technology development from bi-planes to jets.

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Heavy Cruisers of the Admiral Hipper Class, Warships of the


Wow!! The research is awesome. This book provides a highly detailed review of Heavy Cruisers of the Admiral Hipper Class. Information is tightly packed into the pages. There is enough information to be helpful to serious model makers and model engineers but this is an ace information source for all naval enthusiasts. Can’t think of a better source of information on the subject. Really great!!!

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