Book Review – Henry Maudslay, Dam Buster


This is an engaging story of a schoolboy who went from school to the wartime RAF and was in so many ways representative of a generation of RAF pilots. Robert Owen is the Official Historian of the No. 617 Squadron Association. He has acquired material from family, school, official archives and personal letters and recollections. This has produced an impeccable base for the careful research, combined beautifully into a story that captures the essence of the subject.

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Canada continues to provide military equipment to Ukraine

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War on Terror – Russian Nazi Leader Putin

August 9, 2014

Department of National Defence



Another aircraft filled with military equipment for Ukraine left today as part of Canada’s ongoing support to that country against Russian aggression. One Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) CC-177 Globemaster III strategic airlifter departed from 8 Wing, Canadian Forces Base Trenton and will arrive in Ukraine early next week.

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DVD Review – Special Operations, SAS Operation Bulbasket, Destruction of French Railways


This DVD looks at the German operation to capture and kill SAS troops and resistance fighters. It also reviews the continuing efforts of the special operations units and the achievement that was out of all proportion to their numbers. In taking the fight to the Germans, the SAS and French Resistance were joined by downed aircrew and other escapees and evaders.

This DVD manages to convey not just the basic facts and chronology, but provides an authentic feel for all of the disasters and triumphs, the considerable bravery under fire and the cost of the operation. Compulsive viewing

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DVD Review – Assault on Normandy, Gold Beach


There was noise, confusion, casualties and death. The survivors had to attempt to complete their objectives with insufficient surviving materials and some had to rush from their landing place to targets that should have been in front of them.

Gold Beach presented all of of these obstacles, but the British fought through and were heading off Gold Beach for their distant objectives before mid-morning

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Isandlwana, Zulu Battlefields


Produced by Zulu Battlefield Productions, this DVD follows the same format as the outstanding BHTV productions for Pen & Sword, covering European battlefields. Well-lit filming with crisp colour and authoritative presentations brings the 1879 battlefield to life and provides a balanced view of what was the greatest disaster the British Army had faced. Even viewed against the losses in France during WWI, this still an unparalleled defeat.

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The First World War, Le Cateau


This excellent DVD is part of the growing First World War collection. Once again the BHTV team is supported by a re-enactment group.

Location filming and another crisp production of well-lit footage has produced an enjoyable and absorbing account of one of the great European battles. Once again history repeats itself as terrain forces the conduct of war with battles fought over the same ground across the generations.

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