Secrets of a German PoW, The revelations of Hauptmann Herbert Cleff


Just when you think that every possible aspect of WWII has been covered in 
print at least once, a new book comes along with a completely novel story, casting fresh insight. 
This is such a book and a must read.
This is a highly original account and it reads like a thriller. A compulsive read that rewards.

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Real RailwayTales


The railway captures imagination and continues to hold a place in the hearts 
of so many. It is easy to understand the fascination of the steam engine because it is a unique 
combination of sight, sound and smell. It projects power and evokes memories for a shrinking 
band of people who knew it as the regular method of rail power, and it curiously evokes 
imagination in those who are younger. Exactly why the more modern railway induces fascination 
for so many is perhaps harder to understand.

This is a great read at an affordable price, an introduction to the past and a collection of human stories

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Marching to the Sound of Gunfire, North-West Europe 1944-1945


Of all  of the multitude of books that provide insight into the Second World War, this is one of those few 
books at the top of the list that manage to convey what happened, through the unique experiences of a 
cross section of people who took part in the struggle, tankers, sappers, foot soldiers, gunners and all 
the 'trades' of an army.

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Commando Men, The Story of a Royal Marine Commando in World War Two


This gripping account was first published in 1948 and still provides an unparalleled 
account of Commando operations in the European Theatre. The author was he Intelligence Officer of 
No.45 Commando and this revised edition of his valuable work provides a complete, but concise 
account of their operations.

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Images of War, U-Boat Prey, Merchant Sailors at War 1939-1945


This series of books is heavily illustrated but it would be unfair to describe these 
volumes as photo essays. A selection of rare photographs makes this an important review of the submarine 
war against merchant ships, but there is also well-written text that is equal to the outstanding photographs.

The evocative images and lucid narrative of this book paint a grimly effective picture of the life and death of 
all the seamen involved in this epic struggle.

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The Battle of the Bulge, Hitler’s Final Gamble


The author fought in Normandy with the Royal Horse Artillery and has written 
more than 20 military history books. This is a worthy addition to his list and benefits from first hand 
experience of warfare in the drive from Normandy into Germany. His story of the German's last 
throw is ably supported by single colour photographs and maps through the body of the book. The 
standard of image reproduction is good, even though it is on standard text paper.

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Tank Tracks to Rangoon, The Story of British Armour in Burma


The author has provided an absorbing account of how armour proved decisive in the unlikeliest of areas. 
His very readable text is supported by maps and by an interesting photo plate section showing the Indian 
and British tankers in operations that also demonstrate the local conditions. This is a very welcome book, 
not only because it provides a unique insight into the use of armour in Burma, but because remarkably little 
coverage has been given to campaigns in this “Forgotten War” that was fought against a determined enemy 
in the most trying climatic conditions

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