Fidler On The March


This is an interesting biography of the only military musician to be knighted Lt Col Sir Vivian Dunn KCVO OBE FRAM RM. Despite a few minor factual errors this biography provides an interesting glimpse into his services to four Monarchs and life onboard four different Royal Yachts namely Victoria and Albert, Vanguard, Gothic and Britannia. It also covers many other aspects of his life such as his involvement in numerous ceremonial events such as the Tercentenary of the Royal Marines. A good selection of B/W photographs depicting both his private and public life help to enhance this account as do the various contributions from those who knew Sir Vivian

Fast and Bonnie


William Fife and Son developed from humble beginnings to become one of Britain’s premier yacht-building yards. Fife yachts were built for clients around the world and have formed the basis of a number of major restoration projects. The author is a member of the Fyfe/Fife family and has benefited from privileged access to private papers, business records and photographs. Her account of the 125 year history of this important yacht design and building company provides a proud portrait of the people and the technology

Falklands Commando


This is a soldier’s eye view of the land war in the Falklands during 1982 and an interesting comparison with Sea Soldier which recounts the experiences of a Napoleonic War Marine. This a vivid no holds barred account of conditions during the battle which was not subjected to MOD scrutiny before it was first published in 1984. This revised edition has been brought up to date to include frank criticism of MOD and the way in which veterans were forced to bring action against the Government in the High Court.

F-22 Raptor


Covers the development of the F-22, including details of the cancelled US Navy ATF programme and the early low-observables test vehicles like Tacit Blue. The book contains a strong story line which is combined with excellent full colour plates, many of which have not been used before in public circulation. Essential reading for anyone interested in low observable technology and current fighter developments

Eyes of the RAF


Production costs have resulted in the hard back binding steadily rising in price and take many books beyond the reach of the majority of readers. This is a book which provides an important and well researched history of photo-reconnaissance by the RAF. It is always a great shame when source books and definitive works are published in soft back because they are often avoided by libraries that should carry them. However, this book benefits from a soft back binding in providing superb value for money. The author demonstrates thorough research into a subject that has received much less coverage than it deserves. There is good use of illustration and a large number of black and white photographs.

Explosion Aboard The Iowa


Tells the story of a routine gunnery exercise that ended with the deaths of 47 crewmen inside her 16inch Turret II. Schwoebel’s account mainly focuses upon the subsequent investigations into this incident. The author was head of the technical team of independent Investigators hired by the Senate Armed Services Committee to investigate the events leading up to this accident.

Every Man Will Do His Duty

This is an anthology of first-hand accounts from the Age of Nelson. For any student of the period, this is a very valuable collection of accounts that portray the realities of the times. Many books covering this period of naval history concentrate on the senior commanders and the nationalist view of the author’s country. In this anthology there are many interesting diversions from tradition, including several American memoirs recounting the treatment of Yankee sailors on board a British man-of-war

EuroRegs for Inland Waterways


This may seem like a very thin book for £5.99 but its 24 pages are packed with essential information for sailors on inland waterways. Clear coloured illustrations of signs, markings, lights and buoys compliment the clear and concise text. Although the CEVNI regulations are a French language acronym, CEVNI is not yet another EU regulation from Brussels but a United Nations project

Environmental Archaeology


The second edition has been revised and updated. There is good illustration with bandw photographs, charts and sketches, a section of references and a competent index. The target audience is archaeology students, but the book will also appeal to those developing an interest in archaeology outside academia. Sadly John Evans died shortly before this edition went to press so this will be the last edition under the joint authorship. The authors have explained what they mean by environmental archaeology and broken their work into three logical parts

Enterprise to Endeavour The J-Class Yachts


This is the fourth edition of Ian Dear’s well-known book which over the years has become regarded as THE source for the amazing story of the J-Class yachts. It is therefore with great reluctance that I make my only criticism of this edition. I feel that Ian Dear has missed an excellent opportunity to cover in more depth the incredible story of the revival of the three surviving J-Class yachts Endeavour, Velsheda and Shamrock V