Britain’s Greatest Warship – HMS Ark Royal IV


The hardback edition sold out very quickly but a few copies are still available with careful searching. After a gap of 12 months, the publishers finally produced the soft back edition which sold as rapidly as the first edition. Interestingly, this book was mainly purchased by those who served in her which is perhaps a better testament than any reviewer could pen

Bomber Crew


This book has been published in association with the British Channel 4 television series Bomber Crew. Watching the television programme that follows the training of a group of grandchildren of World War Two RAF bomber crew, and then reading the book provides more than one story on its own but both tv programme and book stand alone and provide some material that is not presented in the other

Boats In Profile: St. Joan


Nighthawk Publishing is a pioneer of electronic publishing. This book is available either via email/ftp delivery and the Internet, or on a CD-R disc. The author is a well established maritime writer, photographer and naval historian. He writes regularly for yachting magazines and has written the definitive history of the forth warship to carry the name Ark Royal, and published by Sutton

Bligh of the Bounty


A very interesting package responding to changing publishing methods. It deals with one of the most enduring tales of the sea and seamen. Bligh may be for ever remembered in the context of Mutiny on the Bounty, but he was also an outstanding seaman who achieved Flag rank and a fascinating history. The book is 112 lavishly illustrated pages, posing the question “Captain Bligh, Hero or Villain?”

Black Propaganda


The author provides a detailed review of the work by British and Polish propaganda teams to use black propaganda against the Germans during World War II. In particular this is the story of Sefton Delmar and the Political Warfare Executive with the setting up of nearly fifty radio stations to broadcast a mixture of accurate news, propaganda, jazz and pornography that eventually reached millions of German listeners

Beardmore Built


A significant work which charts the rise and fall of the Clydeside shipyard that built ships such as the battleships HMS Ramillies, HMS Benbow and HMS Agamemnon as well as the RN’s first flush decked aircraft carrier HMS Argus. The yard also had an aviation department which during WWI built aircraft such as the WBIII fighter that was based on the Sopwith Pup

Battlestations! – American Warships Of WWII

Without wishing to dismiss the text it is the photographic collection within this book which is particularly special. This selection offers a new perspective on WWII because they are mainly in colour throughout. These range from the dramatic images of Arizona’s magazines exploding in Pearl Harbour and the forlorn looking wreck of the liner Normandie (by then renamed USS Lafayette) capsized in New York